If you’re like me and recently upgraded to Verizon FiOS and you have your PS3 on the wired segment and the Media Server (such as PS3 Media Server, TVersity, etc.) on the wireless segment, you’re in for a ride with the configuration.
By default, you can’t route the traffic between the wired and wireless segments over UDP! You can send ICMP echo packets (i.e., ping) but the PS3 just won’t detect the Media server. You may disable the Host-based firewall (e.g., Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee, etc.) but it still won’t work.

If you happen to read posts like these, you will see that you have to disable “IGMP proxy”. IGMP Proxy basically reduces the traffic on the multicast addresses to a bare minimum. Unfortunately for you, this causes the traffic between PS3 Media Server and PS3 to drop.

So you log into your FiOS router’s administration console typically located at Click on Advanced -> Yes -> Firmware Upgrade and check the firmware version. You will see that it is an ActionTec router (based on the Auto-update URL). But nowhere do you see the option to update the “IGMP Proxy” settings. That’s because that feature is “hidden” in the latest firmwares.

So you just need to copy/paste the following URL into the browser address bar and you will see the option to disable “IGMP proxy”.
Disable it and Voila! The PS3 Media Server and PS3 can now talk to each other.