List of Security Conferences


I wanted to have a list of all the security conferences around the world for a quick reference so I compiled together a list.

DefCon http://www.defcon.org
BlackHat http://www.blackhat.com/
shmoocon http://www.shmoocon.org/
ToorCon http://www.toorcon.org/
you sh0t the sheriff http://www.ysts.org/
Hack.lu http://hack.lu
WOOTCon http://www.usenix.org/event/woot08/
Source Conferences http://www.sourceconference.com/
InfoSecurity Europe http://www.infosec.co.uk/
SyScan http://www.syscan.org
CONFidence http://confidence.org.pl/
CEICConference http://www.ceicconference.com/
RSA Conference http://www.rsaconference.com/
CanSecWest http://cansecwest.com/
EUSecWest http://eusecwest.com/
PACSec http://pacsec.jp/
BA-Con http://ba-con.com.ar/
Hack in the box http://www.hackinthebox.org/
Clubhack http://clubhack.com/
Xcon http://xcon.xfocus.net/
T2 Conference http://www.t2.fi
LayerOne http://layerone.info/
Owasp Conference http://www.owasp.org
DeepSec Conference https://deepsec.net/
FrHack conference http://www.frhack.org/
Shakacon http://www.shakacon.org/
Secrypt conference http://www.secrypt.org/
HackerHalted Conference
SecTor Conference http://www.sector.ca/
Microsoft Bluehat http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bluehat/default.mspx
ReCon http://recon.cx/
Hacker space festival http://www.hackerspace.net
RAID Conference http://www.raid-symposium.org/
Sec-T Conference http://www.sec-t.org/
BruCon http://www.brucon.org
DIMVA Conference http://www.dimva.org
SeaCure Conference http://seacure.it/
ColSec http://www.univ-orleans.fr/lifo/Manifestations/COLSEC
Auscert http://conference.auscert.org.au
RuxCon http://www.ruxcon.org.au/
uCon http://www.ucon-conference.org/
Chaos Communications Congress http://www.ccc.de/
Bellua Cyber Security http://www.bellua.com/bcs/
CISIS Conference http://www.cisis-conference.eu/
ATC Conference http://www.ux.uis.no/
NDSS Conference http://www.isoc.org/isoc/conferences/
EkoParty Conference http://www.ekoparty.com.ar/
No Con Name http://www.noconname.org/
KiwiCon http://www.kiwicon.org/
VNSecon http://conf.vnsecurity.net
EC2nd Conference http://www.ec2nd.org/
IMF Conference http://www.imf-conference.org/
BugCon http://www.bugcon.org/
Cyber Warfare http://www.ccdcoe.org
POC Conference http://www.powerofcommunity.net/
QuahogCon http://quahogcon.org/
NotaCon http://www.notacon.org
PhreakNic http://www.phreaknic.info
PlumberCon http://plumbercon.org/
Internet Security Operations and Intelligence http://isotf.org/isoi7.html

Clubhack 2008


Jay Kelath and I will be presenting at ClubHack 2008. Our topic is “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow: Blind SQL Injection” and it is about using Blind SQL Injection on Oracle, MSSQL (and possibly MySQL) to get content of remote databases and also using out of band mechanisms on Oracle database and blind sql injection to pilfer database information.
I’ve also written up a tool that I’ll be presenting with Jay to show how to exploit blind SQL injection to remotely download files. The technique I’m presenting is different from the time delay techniques as have been presented in the past using the waitfor delay statements. Traditionally, using the waitfor delay statement one can download database contents as was shown using tools such as Absinthe, SQLBrute, Blind SQL Brute Forcer. I just try to automate the “virtual” file downloading using BULK insert on MSSQL Server and download files. To do this you do not need any firewall allowances. The technique I use is if you can “infer” every byte of a file then you don’t need to download the file using a TCP connection, you can re-create the file yourself (you already know every byte of the file). The only limitation being that the data rates are pretty slow using this technique. However, since you do not rely on time delays it’s still faster than time delay techniques.


ToorConX in San Diego


I recently came back from the ToorConX in San Diego, CA. It was a great conference with some really cool talks. Especially RFD (Remote file download using blind sql injection), reversing malware using browser hooking, cracking crypt() hashes using Ps3, grey box peach fuzz xml generation tool (nunchaku), voip eavesdropping, bypassing browser memory protection.
These were some really cool talks but I still don’t have access to any presentation slides yet for the con. May be those will be posted some time.