Rajat Swarup is an information security researcher having 18+ years of experience in offensive security.  His entire life he has mostly been asking questions: How? Why?

Rajat finished his Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Fr. C.R. College of Engineering, Bandra, Mumbai and then moved across the world to pursue Computer Security coursework from USC.  After completing Masters in Science from University of Southern California, Los Angeles, he soon left the beautiful, sunny Southern California to pursue his love for computer security research where he worked with the Advanced Security Centers in New York, Ernst & Young LLP.   This was a team of incredible individuals who are still friends and doing amazing things in the world of Information Security.  After working with E&Y for a couple of years, Rajat joined VeriSign Global Security Consulting which was acquired by AT&T Consulting Solutions in October 2009.  After 11 years in security consulting and having newborn, Rajat could not travel as much (life got in the way!). Therefore, in January 2016, Rajat joined BlackRock Financial Management as the Global Head of Application Security and Adversarial Testing (Pen testing and Purple teaming). Today, Rajat works for a Cloud provider helping secure the cloud at its lowest levels in New York City.

During his consulting days, apart from traveling the world, Rajat spent most of his time helping Fortune Top 100 customers with their information security needs from penetration testing (network, wireless, war dialing, reverse engineering), web application security assessments,  social engineering assessments, Payment Card Industry Assessments (PA-DSS and PCI DSS), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) assessments, database and network security architecture reviews, security configuration reviews for routers and switches, web application security code reviews, teaching classes for awareness of OWASP Top 10 to developers, performing forensics investigations,  breaking security of anything, etc.  This has also evolved over a period of time but the love for security (operating systems, cryptography, kernel programming and exploit development) continues though a little bit slower than 17 years ago when he started blogging.

Rajat enjoys solving problems using code using languages such as C/C++, C#, Perl, Python, and even Unix bash scripts.   Like most security people, Rajat believes that automating things to reduce time for testing for security vulnerabilities leaves people with more time to come up with newer, better and more efficient ideas.

This blog is an attempt to share the information that might be helpful to anyone, but the information might be dated since Rajat does not have much time these days to keep the blog updated.  This blog is not updated much and is mostly an artifact of historical presence at this time in 2022.

You can find him on Twitter : @rajats