I was just browsing away when I stumbled upon Johnny Long’s GooScan. He says that this is a Linux only tool but it seems to compile (not without problems though) on cygwin.
I kept getting the following errors:

L:\tools\gooscan-v1.0.9>gcc gooscan.c
gooscan.c: In function `inet_send':
gooscan.c:575: error: `MSG_WAITALL' undeclared (first
use in this function)
gooscan.c:575: error: (Each undeclared identifier is
reported only once
gooscan.c:575: error: for each function it appears in.)

Then I read somewhere that MSG_WAITALL is not defined for Cygwin and that instead of that zero would work. There are many neater solutions to this…but I’m a hacker and I’ll do the stuff that’s easiest and hassle-free.
Some people say that the following will work:
#ifdef __CYGWIN__
#define MSG_WAITALL 0

So in order to compile this bad boy, you need to goto line 574 in your favorite editor.
It looks like this:
recv(sock, recvbuf, sizeof(recvbuf), MSG_WAITALL);

You need to make it look like this:
recv(sock, recvbuf, sizeof(recvbuf), 0);//MSG_WAITALL);

You are all set:
gcc gooscan.c -o gooscan.exe

Compilation works! But then I observed that the results were not coming well. However, if you run it through a local proxy such as burp it still works…I bet it has something to do with socket establishment and receiving and being incompatible with the MSG_WAITALL flag.
But as long as you can get the results … who cares? If someone figures out exactly how to make this work, please post it as a comment.