Dell Vista Upgrade Scam by Dell


Dell had this program called Dell Vista Express Upgrade as a part of which once you pay for your XP Pro you become eligible for a Vista upgrade. The interesting thing was it was an introductory offer and they would ship the DVDs upon Vista’s release if we activated the upgrade. I did activate the upgrade but I did not receive my DVDs until a few days but when I eventually did it was a “Dell Vista Upgrade Assistant DVD”. What was even more interesting was that this DVD was not even an installation DVD (with no warnings on it that it was not the OS installation itself which I assumed all along). It was just a DVD because Dell likes sending DVDs to users! So I contacted Dell about the OS when I couldn’t boot up the OS and they said that no wonder…this is not the OS. So I asked them where’s the OS and the customer care went “you should have it”! Now if they didn’t ship it and I didn’t receive it (although I paid Dell for it), who should have it! They tell me Microsoft has it. It just seems illogical that the person who I pay for the software would not be the one to ship it out to me. The Dell Resolution specialist called today and said there’s nothing he could do. They have my money, they didn’t ship out the DVD…and so be it! Do what you can! That’s just the worst ever case of customer care I’ve ever seen!


Dell XPS M1210 Memory Upgrade


I recently purchased 2x2GB Memory upgrades for my fantastic Dell XPS M1210. To upgrade the memory there were 2 slots one located at the base of the laptop (the black bottom) and the other was located below the keypad. I searched a lot on the Internet but could not find the location of the 2nd slot.
The owner’s manual also did not mention the location of the DIMM B slot (the 2nd memory slot). See the details on the manual about how to remove the keyboard to reach the 2nd memory slot.
The key to reach the 2nd slot is to first remove the hinge cover (the cover that has three button saying Power, “Media Direct”, etc.). The hinge cover is not screwed so you can just lever it up using a thin, flat object and pop-it up, remove the three screws fixing the keyboad, pulling the keyboad out and right in the middle you will see the memory slot.
Hopefully, this post will help someone upgrading memory on their Dell XPS M1210.