In a pen test, it’s always the race to the finish. Either you get to the domain admin or r00t or you die tryin’! 🙂 But thanks to some real l33t fu by Hernan Ochoa this has only been made easy for you.
The key to pass-the-hash attacks is that Windows NTLM authentication relies on the passing of the right hash to identify you. As long as the right hash is stored in the authenticated session you are who you say you are.
Hernan Ochoa’s Pass-the-hash toolkit ( is precisely the tool for that. Once you gain local admin rights on a box, just run the whosthere.exe utility on the box. Mind you, in differing versions of Windows you need some right addresses to pass as parameters. So the first thing to do is goto C:\WINDOWS\system32 and copy the lsasrv.dll file onto your local machine. The pass-the-hash src tar ball, has an IDA Pro script passthehash.idc that you need to run after opening the file in IDA Pro. This will give you the right addresses to pass to whosthere.exe:
whosthere.exe -a -o outputfile.txt

Once you have the hash you could either use iam.exe or winexe ( with pass-the-hash patch from jo-mo-kun (, or samba with jomo kun’s pass the hash patch.
Just set the Environment variable SMBHASH to the hash value such as

export SMBHASH="92D887C9910492C3254E2DF489A880E4:7A2EDE4F51B94203984C6BA21239CF63"

Then run winexe as

./winexe -U "Domain\\Username" // "cmd.exe"

Of course, you can also expend some time in cracking the LM hashes to get the actual passwords but it isn’t really necessary.