This long weekend, the July 4th weekend, we went to Lake Tahoe. Trips are fun when the group sizes are large and this time around we broke the records of group sizes. 18 of us went to Lake Tahoe, with friends coming in from New York, Santa Barbara, Foster City etc.
We booked a house for us and it was really grand. The cost of the rental was $670 for 2 days with a minimum 2 days rental.
We left for South Lake Tahoe from Foster City, CA from Gander’s place at 9:45 am in a Jeep Wrangler . We took I-5N, I-80E,I-50E to reach South Lake Tahoe in 5hrs 15mins because of some heavy traffic. As soon as we reached Deepak had made arrangements for Jet Skiing for us in Lake Tahoe. The cost for rental was a decent $100 / hour. VK and I were on the same Jet Ski. It took me some time to get accustomed to the fact that I was gliding on the surface of water without knowing swimming. But once I became a little comfortable, I started to enjoy the surface tension of water! The life jacket that I had worn was luckily not put to full use as I did not fall into the water.
The next day was the best adventure sport that I have ever been a part of. River Rafting with Adventure Connection in South Fork Waters was simply an ethereal experience. It was grade 3 rafting and we were told that was the beginner level. Our raft guide – Dinesh, was from Nepal and had a very clear idea and excellent knowledge of rafting. He told us that in India and Nepal the water grades are much higher than in US. For example, grade 5 in US is grade 3 in India & Nepal. The 3-hour rafting experience caused us $85 but it was worth every penny of it. Personally, I think that all of us are ready to do Grade 4 but I think I need to first learn to swim before I can embark on those escapades. I was told that Grade 4 was available in Middle fork and grade 5 was available on North Fork waters.
Overall, it turned out to be a great trip with almost everyone enjoying the fun part. The total cost of the trip per person came to about $250 including food, stay and water sports. A great end to the 4th of July Long Weekend.