Yosemite National Park located in Northern CA, USA is like a heaven on earth, as I found out this long weekend. From LA to Yosemite, we started our trip in early hours of morning at 12:30 am in a Dodge Caravan rented from Fox Rentals.
The trip was more like serendipity of fortunate events (not that this means anything ;-). 14 of us lonesome souls set out for an adventure of the hitherto unknown. The reason I say unknown is we had no clue as to what we were doing. We set out with no reservation for campgrounds with the free spirit of desis! Reached there at around 7:00 am and noticed a huge line to get the campground reservations. Well, patience eventually paid off, when Nimesh and I got our name in the waitlist for campgrounds we saw our window of opportunity. Our name was 32nd on the list and we came to know from other people that they generally released around 10-15 campsites daily. We went off to glacier point (After loads of arguments)….will be continued in later blogs!