One more in the list of technical posts! Yesterday was a day of 17 hrs in the lab (phew 🙂
So we were capturing packets but the packit tool did not randomize the source IPs enough so we were getting decent signatures for TCP traffic but not for ICMP! So looking at the signature generation I found that the checksum was also being used to get the hash value. But, when I stopped using the checksum values for generation of hash the signatures started coming properly. Antoine, somehow, thought that the IP addresses were affecting the has values that we got. But looking deeply into the code we saw that it was not the case. The conclusion (which is really surprising) is that packit was generating similar packets quite a few packets and that too from the same source IP (but they really should have been randomized!)…I don’t know whether this conclusion is correct??? May be some packit developers would be able to help me on this!
So now the challenge becomes to send those ICMP signatures across…but icmp_send() method requires skbuff structure…I looked at the net/ipv4/ipip.c file for the usage of icmp_send() methods but it is still not clear to me how it should be used!

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